1222 Brushable Contact

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Bostik 1222 Brushable or 1222 Sprayable General Purpose Contact Adhesive
A general purpose contact adhesive formulated to give high bond strength and high heat resistance. It is recommended for the bonding of plastic laminates and is an excellent choice for the adhesion of roofing butyl membrane. It can be used for the bonding of carpet, cotton backed sheet vinyls and stair nosings. It is an excellent sole CEM attaching cement and is recommended for use on leather, resin rubber and E.V.A.
Solids Brush: Ð 25% Spray Ð 17% Coverage (m 2/Lt): Brush 2.5-4.5
Spray 4-6.5 (bond area)
Viscosity: Brush Ð Med, Spray ÐLow Colour: Brush Ð Natural. Spray Ð Natural
Open Time: 15 Ð 30 mins More with heat activation
Temp. Range: -20¡C to 150¡C

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